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  • Square Footage: 1,500
  • Levels: 3
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Garage: two-car
  • Office: No
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WearHouse is currently in development. If you would like to be notified when the plans for WearHouse are available for viewing and purchase, please send an email to info@hometta.com.

WearHouse: [ wear, n, the act of wearing something, or the condition of being worn ]
a dwelling, constructed in layers, that has the capacity to adjust to climatic difference and seasonal shifts; as how a person might dress in layers.


WearHouse is a simple structural steel frame cloaked in energy-efficient, structural insulated wall-and-roof panels that can be installed thick or thin depending on the climatic conditions of the site. Exterior cladding holds tight to the north and loose to the south with operable Designed to be efficient and flexible in its use of space. screens to open when sun is desired inside and to close when it is not. Interior finish layers can be selected based on the owner’s personal desires, and are easily altered as needed. The main body of the house is 1,500 square feet, with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a 400-square-foot basement and attached garage. Standard size windows, sliding glass doors, and interior doors are designated to control construction cost. Double-wall translucent exterior panels maximize light transmission while minimizing heat loss and gain. Open floor plan of the living area with the addition of outdoor decks on both sides of the house allow for flexible use of indoor and outdoor space in different seasons, as well as different times of day.


WearHouse is a split level two story house with attached garage. The main entry is at the center of the house into an open floor plan with kitchen and dining to one side, and a living room a half level down. There is a small outdoor deck off the kitchen, and a larger deck off the living room. Large sliding doors surround the entire living and dining areas for maximum ventilation and movement between indoors and outdoors.  An open wood framed stair begins at the garage,  the lowest level, and ascends to the three bedrooms and two baths at the top level. Moveable sun and privacy screens are on the windows of all the bedrooms. The house is designed to be efficient and flexible in its use of space, in its manner of construction, and in the way it can be easily maintained.