Stanley and Oliver

Stanley and Oliver



  • Square Footage: 1,465
  • Levels: 2
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Office: No
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“Stanley and Oliver” is designed to fit a small budget, a cold snowy climate, and a beautiful forest setting. The house is organized around two embracing volumes, “Stanley” and “Oliver.” A single-story sloping form “Stanley,” hugs a narrower, two-story volume “Oliver,” as their tallest facades open onto the mountainous landscape. Like a picture frame, every side window or door encloses a specific view of the forest. Sitting on a platform formally continuous with the adjacent landscape, the building ensures that the surrounding forest clearings participate in the configuration of the plan, extending the house beyond its walls.

Project_ creates special moments and whimsical effects, in the way that circulation and ultimately, views, crisscross and circle.In order to stay within budget, the design is based on the most basic local (New England) construction techniques—wood framing, standard residential windows, and cedar cladding. Through a standard set of construction techniques and formal moves, Project_ creates special moments and whimsical effects, most clearly achieved in the way that circulation and ultimately, views, crisscross and circle around the ground floor and move up through the second floor bedrooms.


The entrance is placed within the lower portion of the house where the two principal volumes overlap. Beyond the entry hall and the bedroom on the lower level, the living room opens up to spectacular views through large expanses of glass and connects directly to the kitchen and dining room. A central core (which includes the bathroom, pantry, and stairway) is positioned to encourage travel around the space, making an efficient plan arrangement feel more like a complex set of interconnected spaces. Not only does this layout help to divide the lower floor into separate spaces, but it also helps to create views that cut between spaces and through the large glass windows at the perimeter. The central staircase, which appears to float next to the dining room, is constructed from an exposed steel stringer with cantilevered wood treads and leads to two bedrooms located on the second level. These bedrooms, which are complimented by a second full bathroom, each have large windows which frame the wooded landscape outside.