Brett Zamore Design


  • Square Footage: 1,200
  • Levels: 1
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1 full, 1 half
  • Office: No
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The Shot-trot is a one-story wood-frame house designed to incorporate an economy of construction; the dimensions of the home are based on standard materials complemented with off the shelf components.

As its name suggests, the Shot-trot is inspired and derived from a conflation of two Southern houseA modern hybrid. types raised off the ground: the long and narrow shotgun cottage and the dogtrot that opens itself to the landscape. The Shot-trot merges the old and the new into a modern hybrid.

One side of the house has two connected core boxes (bathrooms) that break the purity of the home’s rectangular form. A half bath services kitchen, dining and living room, all open to each other under a single vaulted space. The full bath services two bedrooms with 10-foot ceilings. Levels of light, air and circulation are easily regulated to the changing demands of both climate and inhabitant.


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