Loop House

Loop House

Borden Partnership


  • Square Footage: 2,410
  • Levels: 2
  • Bedrooms: 2 (3rd optional)
  • Bathrooms: 2 (3rd optional)
  • Office: No
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Adaptable to lots of various size, orientation, and site conditions, the house and studio sit as flexible independent pieces. The house addresses the typical suburban lot with its various possible configurations. The house sits gently into the landscape, neither disturbing the local topography nor the plantings, focusing on the length of the site to establish long views to the front and back of the lot, with limited lateral expanses. The yard is intended to be a small formal lawn along the studio as well as an ornamental courtyard formed by the wrapping living tube.

The house, conceived as a single volumetric bar modified by a series of breaks and folds, has two planes that articulate the vertical circulation, and three chromed columns that celebrate structural spans. The primal architectural components of line, plane, and volume are expressed through column, wall, and enclosure. Folded repeatedly back upon itself, the linear volume of the house encloses a courtyard viewable on three sides and open to the adjacent woods on the fourth. The folding tube expands vertically to create double height formal living and dining spaces as well as a two-story library and gallery.

The concrete-clad studio box floats on two recessed black lacquered “storage boxes,” atop a one-car garage and a two-car carport. On the auto court, a gravel courtyard is framed by two Corten steel walls, one of which rises upward toward the studio opening to reveal a wood lining framed by its working screened porch. The other wall leads down to a protruding tube of the house to the entry. Public spaces become private spaces and circumnavigate the manicured courtyard. Two decks—one covered and one open to the sky—protrude into the court, providing extensions of the adjacent spaces. A secret passage in the book wall conceals a lower guest suite.Moving from an exterior covered porch, into a low entry, one enters into a double height living and dining volume featuring a view towards the front of the site across a formal front lawn. Turning back toward the house, one opens into the kitchen with a window wall opening to the courtyard. An informal dining area and family room flanked by storage walls opens onto a long screened porch. The room folds upward with a floating stair to access a double height gallery and book wall. A secret passage in the book wall conceals a lower guest suite. Upstairs two additional bedrooms and two bathrooms align along a single-loaded corridor. The master suite serves as the terminus, culminating in a wood-lined porch that returns to the axial view upon arrival.

Clad in flush-mounted modular cementious panels, caulked factory joints present a monolithic form that sits quietly against the density of the heavily wooded site. Two shingled Corten steel walls parallel the vertical circulation and extend the linear motion of the house. The volume of the house and lightweight concrete decks float on recessed masonry block foundation walls. Flush-mounted aluminum sash windows aligned with the panel module of the cladding reinforce the tautness of the skin. The interior spaces are subdivided into service spaces of slate flooring and full-height suspended sliding doors and served spaces of oak floors with pivot doors.