Food and Water House

Food and Water House

Studio Terpeluk


  • Square Footage: 2,225
  • Levels: 1
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2 full, 1 half
  • Garage: two-car
  • Office: Yes
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"(Hometta) houses are at the cutting-edge of design and some, such as the Food and Water house by Studio Terpeluk truly push the envelope of sustainable design." --Treehugger, from the citation for Hometta's 2010 Best of Green award for Best Architecture Idea.


Jamie Oliver fans, and everyone else who wants to kick their commitment to sustainability into overdrive, rejoice. Food and Water House is here at last to provide you with a beautiful, sustainable path towards eating as locally as is humanly possible. Hometta's own one-house food revolution, this house is a revelation as well--and one designed to fit on a standard suburban lot.


The Food and Water house proposes to strengthen the symbiosis between property ownership and environmental resources such as earth, water, wind, and sunlight. The house is divided into three distinct one-story pavilions linked by covered walkways and variable shed roofs. The configuration maximizes sunlight exposure, cross-ventilation, and rainwater harvesting while geothermal coils drive the radiant cooling and heating. Roof overhangs reduce summer solar gain while clerestory windows create large luminous spaces.The easily accessed vegetable garden is a functioning extension of the kitchen. The easily accessed vegetable garden is a functioning extension of the kitchen, while the wooden decks extend the living and dining spaces through the use of large sliding glass doors. The 2,200-square-foot house features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a two-car garage, a gas fireplace, and a 200-square-foot basement. The house fits within a typical 60’ x 120’ suburban lot with standard setbacks but can be easily modified for other lot sizes.


From the street, the Food and Water House presents as a simple pavilion with a 2 car garage and front door. By foot, one enters the first pavilion on an elevated wood porch followed by a small mud room with a modest bathroom. By car, a Geoblock® grass drive leads to a the garage. A covered breezeway, which can be easily closed, connects the first and second pavilion, leading to a large living room with wooden bookshelves, high ceilings with exposed wooden rafters, and a large gas fireplace. Both the living and dining rooms feature clerestory lighting and large sliding glass doors which open to wooden decks with retractable awnings, creating indoor/outdoor spaces with relaxing cross-breezes. A small private study is accented by an intimate side garden.

The kitchen overlooks the large vegetable garden which is easily accessed by a side porch with ample tool storage and gated utility yard. The basement is accessed by a concealed stair behind the kitchen. The light gray aluminum high-reflectance roof reduces heat gain in the house and directs rainfall to  cisterns for garden irrigation. The roof can also easily be retrofit for photovoltaic cells. The step-up bedroom pavilion is accessed via a second breezeway. This 3 bed, 2 bath, and laundry suite features privacy, sunlight, and cross-breezes while the master bed has an intimate private deck. Wood floors, featured in all the pavilions, have integrated radiant heating and cooling to optimize thermal comfort.