Court House

Court House

Alterstudio Architects


  • Square Footage: 1,750
  • Levels: 1
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Carport: Has Carport
  • Office: No
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The Court House embraces a lifestyle that easily moves between inside and out, and an aesthetic that values serendipity above composition (light and shadow, carefully framed views of the sky, and reflections from the lily pond, for example, arise as points of focus throughout the home). Designed to fit on a 50’x100’ lot and into a variety of settings, including what might be a very ordinary neighborhood, this home is oriented to take maximum advantage of the pleasures of modern life lived in one’s own private enclave. The design is organized around three courtyards that expand the perceived size of their adjacent rooms, and also provide rich interior environments.

The Living Court of Emerald Zoysia, and a single Japanese Maple is the center of this home and creates a calm refuge for the family. In contrast, the Organized around three courtyards that expand the perceived size of their adjacent roomsmaster bed and bath rooms at the rear of the house open onto a private Water Court of tall papyrus and cattail that also acts as a rainwater collection cistern and the third bedroom/ den opens to the Walled Garden teeming with flowers at the front of the house.

From the street a walkway follows a garden wall towards the light spilling through a hole in the grass roof. A gently curving Ipe wall pulls the visitor’s gaze inside, as each room presents its own distinct character. Overall, the Court House is designed to be affordable to build and utilizes a slab-on-grade foundation and conventional framing. Natural ventilation is paramount throughout and the house is organized such that it can also be upgraded to include a variety of sustainable technologies including green roof, water collection system, and solar panels.